Like many districts throughout California, Natomas Unified is faced with a literacy crisis.

The research is truly clear that reading proficiency by third grade is a major indicator of a child’s future success. Recent test scores show that only 45 percent of elementary school students in NUSD can read at or above the proficient level. We owe it to our students for these numbers to be better—their future counts on it.

As your trustee, I will work collaboratively with all stakeholders, including teacher leaders, to enhance and revamp the district’s literacy plans. I will also call for additional investments in after school reading programs, in-person tutoring, and the expansion of the Larry G. Meeks virtual academy to include direct tutoring support in reading and mathematics for all Natomas students.


Not all disabilities are easy to recognize.  

Often, learning disabilities can be difficult to identify and students who do not receive the proper help or resources can face additional challenges. 

As a trustee, I will call on the district to hire additional staff to help deliver on the promises NUSD makes through its individualized education programs (IEPs), and to identify early on when a child may be faced with a unique challenge.  

Every Natomas student is entitled to a free and public education. 

Teacher Support

Teachers can often be burdened with unreasonable expectations. I recognize the immense responsibilities placed on our teachers and understand that most come to the classroom energized and ready to make a difference in the lives of our students.  

Our teachers have my promise that I will always work to ensure they have the resources, in and out of the classroom, to be effective. If we want to continue to attract diverse and professional talent to our district, then open conversations must be had about salary competitiveness, professional development, and collaboration time for teachers. 


The school district has rightly made school safety a priority, including revamping its security plan.   

However, little is known about the school safety committees at each school site and not much is proactively communicated to the public about the ongoing efforts to keep our students in a safe and secure environment. To that end, I would call for the creation of a School Safety Task Force that will consist of parents, grassroots organizations, student advocates, family serving organizations, caregivers, and students.  

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our children is the responsibility of us all. As your Trustee, I will call for continuous review of our comprehensive school safety plans, and work to make important discussions about public safety collaborative, transparent, and in alignment with the difficult realities of our current environment. 

Parental Rights

Board Members should be trusted representatives who safeguard the rights of parents, guardians, and caretakers. 

As a Board Member, I will work proactively to ensure parents are aware of their rights and how to access them. One of my first actions as a Board Member will be to introduce a bill of rights—parents should be treated as trusted partners and be aware of their rights and how to use them.