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I am a longtime Natomas resident, a wife, and a mother to three amazing children. I have been married to my husband and best friend for 10 years and my greatest job is being a wife and mother. My husband and I are beyond fortunate to be successful small business owners and raise three children in this amazing community, all of whom currently attend Natomas schools.

Within the past couple years, there has been division and discord stemming between people due to different beliefs and many parents feel that their voices are not being heard or respected when it comes to their children’s education, socially and academically.

The pandemic has impacted many of us. California schools remained closed for many of our students for over a year, contrary to public health guidance and due primarily to outside political influences who do not have the best interests of our students at heart. Students and families suffered, and students fell behind academically. Many left our schools, including families I personally know. I have actively spoken up at NUSD school board meetings to address these concerns.

I plan to confront these issues and address them with a commitment to honesty, transparency and communication between educators, administrators, students and parents. It’s going to take all of us working together, with some creative solutions and determination.

Additionally, the social, emotional, and behavioral needs must be a focus more so than any other time in my history as the pandemic has left students struggling and teachers exhausted with added responsibilities. I will make every effort to confront those needs.

If elected to the Natomas Unified School Board, I will do everything I can to ensure our district supports students who have been left vulnerable due to the pandemic. In addition, our schools must be prepared for current safety challenges and students must feel safe physically and emotionally while learning.

This can be done! I hope to earn your vote for Natomas Unified School District, Trustee Area 4!
Election Day is November 8th, 2022. If you are not registered to vote, please click the link below to register.

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Issues & Solutions

Academic Achievement

All Natomas schools should maintain a standard of excellence. As your Board Member, I will work to ensure students are challenged with the rigor they need to succeed and that there are diverse college and career pathways.

Safe and Secure Schools

Every student has the right to feel emotionally and physically safe. I will fight for additional counseling and safety personnel, while ensuring students are supported physically and emotionally. I will also make sure each school site has a comprehensive safety plan available for review by parents.

Parental Rights

Parents and caretakers should be aware of their rights and how to exercise them. To that end, I will introduce a resolution to adopt a Parents Bill of Rights so that information from the district is clear, concise, and easily accessible.

Support Educators

Teachers should be supported in maintaining excellent education standards. I support providing additional resources and professional development for teachers and additional release time for collaboration with other established educators.


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Paul Keefer, President, Sacramento County Office of Education

Lance Christensen, Candidate, CA Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ilya Mir, Program Director, Kovar’s Academy

Juliet Boone, Teacher, Natomas Park Elementary

Pamela Jones, Teacher, Heron School

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Monique Hokman For Natomas Unified School Board
Sacramento, CA

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